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25th January 2009

8:38pm: a delishuz week
On Thursday afternoon a coworker and I headed over to the Museum of Craft and Folk Art to check out the latest paper art installation. If you have never been, check it out, the installations are small but very interesting and the museum is free every tuesday.
On Thursday evening Ptdddingeauxs and I went to the Castro for Sketchfest (http://www.sfsketchfest.com/home/)and watched Better Off Dead on the big screen and got to hear a Q&A with Savage Steve Holland. He was incredibly charming and funny and we got our pictures taken with him in the furry coats I made for us.

I sold some clothes at Crossroads on Irving street to get some moola to offset some of my shopping during the weekend. The added bonus being that there is more room in my closet. W00t! They even have a drop off system now, where you can drop off the clothes and pick up your check 24 hours later!
I went to Flora Grubb on Saturday while the Ptdddingeauxs had lunch with his ma mere. If you have never been it is an amazing place to get inspired to plant like a fiend. http://www.floragrubb.com/index.php. I bought two planters and became resolute to put some more green living things in the house. I popped over to the goodwill across the street and found some great blue glass pieces that went perfectly together. Sunday was planting day using some succulents trimmmings I got from my back yard and two plants that were given to me during the holidays. Once I got it all done, I placed them all around the house along with the flowers I bought the day before.

Saturday evening was spent at Samovar at the corner of Page and Laguna attending a suprise Bday party for a friend. We showered her with a satuerne and a ton of chocolate, which seem to fit the bill quite nicely. The chai tea is divine!
I made a crock of sauerkraut which is so freaking good I can't stand it. I am now going to have a constant rotation of fermenting sauerkraut! So if you want some, let me know!

Along with thrift store runs, I got some of the fun stuff I had ordered over the past week. I am very fond of the surly cat timer.

I started reading a novella by Proust called the Lemoine Affair. It is a series of short storied written in the style of other authors, like Balzac and Flaubert. It is so freaking funny I let out a little pee (I know TMI, but honestly this shit is funny).
I noticed while rearranging the house that the Ptdddingeauxs and I really really really love birds, and to prove that point observe the birds around the house:

Last but not least I bought some amazing fabric at equilter.com which carriers some of the most interesting fabric I have ever seen! The best part of this particular piece is that the girl on it looks exactly like the cartoon girl in the the Mica Lollipop video:
See fabric:

See Mica video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuzQXQDIZJk
I am now watching Wild Wild West, am embroidering a spiderweb on a skirt I bought at the thrift store and drinking a delishuz chamomile and ginger tea for the Imperial Tea Court in the Ferry Building, which is one of my fave places for lunch, the won-ton soup rocks!
Current Mood: busy

25th August 2008

1:47pm: I woke up this morning
crushing hard on Jeff Goldblum?

So now, combined with my current reading of Henry Miller's letters to Brenda Venus, I am now tempted to a send semi clothed picture of myself to him along with a hand written request for a single night of meaningless sex.

8th August 2008

9:07pm: I have emerged
from surgery feeling very sapped of energy, but oddly very light. Say goodbye to my endometrium and PMS and Acne (I hope). Craft night next week!

4th December 2007

10:25am: DAMN!
I want this much soul, sheesh. Like on of the commenters said, I am all proud of 95% on Guitar Hero, but this, now I feel silly:


27th November 2007

8:49pm: Writer's Block: Warning:
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate.

15th November 2007

3:03pm: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


Current Mood: uncomfortable

30th October 2007

4:14pm: Mother of the Lord or cream puff pusher, you decide
so this woman says she has a virgin mary pebble: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/10/24/virgin_mary_pebble/

I say it looks like the sea captain from Beard Papas.

27th September 2007

10:48am: More LOL Cat Pron
Pornostar Kiateriina Hoqvorlkova Rcidijng MOANSTEERCOLCKK MMF
Tannhed Blonmd MILF Spuckking MUMTANTCLOCGKK & Ftuckying


ats frxom the othenr @whiele reapding or syaviing filaes@. Thcey can alsfo, witbh some cuare in the impjortqing and expoortsing, edidt plaimn text fkiles.

Pllain tepxt fildes inclmude, sokmewhvat
Current Mood: chipper

17th September 2007

2:33pm: ok this is just gross

I understand anthropomorphizing animals but animated pee and poo, sweden has stepped over the line....way over!

12:02am: At night in the presence of evil.....

were the Dingo to be afflicted with Cancer I would make a deal with the devil to restore him to perfect health. Because sometimes the world is black and white.......

we watched Ghost Rider (mah toupeeh it fuwl evurywhun) this evening and came up with alternative scenarios. bear with me, I am a little drunk.
Current Mood: silly

12th September 2007

4:39pm: I feel smart

I recently discovered Pop! Tech and while I cannot attend the event in person I can listen to their PopCasts:


I strongly urge you to check it out, innovators, behaviorists, activists, the guests run the whole gamut. Spend a half an hour choose someone who interests you and expand your universe. I spent the last 1/2 hour listening to Malcolm Gladwell (I honestly chose him because of his hair) and it was amazing.

A side note: in 2006 one of the speakers was the kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen (www.strandbeest.com/)

It's like a magazine for your brain, sound bites of amazing technology, innovation and thoughts gathered into one place.

Current Mood: excited

6th September 2007

8:12pm: Ok this is my rant
in the last week I have heard the following:
I thought you didn't like me
Your intimidating
Wow you are really nice, I am sorry I didn't talk to you sooner
I would disappoint you
I was sure someone like you wouldn't be interested in talking to me

Look I have piercings, I have big fake plastic titties, I have tattoos I get it, but I do not walk around with a permanent scowl, I am nice to animals and small children (for the most part). I am at heart a girl, I tend to be shy in the face of attraction and I am absolutely sick and tired of being written off as too punk rock, too experienced, too kinky or too what the fuck ever is going on in the dark recesses of peoples minds. If you think I am cute, tell me, if you want to know me, talk to me, if you think I don't like you, ask me why.

for fucks sake people is this really too much to ask?
Current Mood: aggravated
4:43pm: Billy Bob and The BoxMasters

Last night at Slim's I saw Billy Bob Thornton (http://www.billybobthornton.net/) and the Boxmasters(http://www.myspace.com/theboxmasters). I'll be honest I went as a joke, really honestly Billy Bob Thornton? so imagine my suprise when the show was amazing. The Boxmasters are an great group and oddly BBT in all his ever so frail thin glory is actually a pretty good front guy, even though he smoked like a chimney the entire time, honestly it was crazy, I think it's why he is so skinny. They played two sets, the first was a bluegrass/hillbilly/rock combo and I was sort of on the fence in terms of my enjoyment for much of the music was overidden by BBT's choice of apparel. He literally looked like the Squire of Gothos from the Star Trek episode of the same name. The suit was a silver gray glitter combo that made me uncomfortable because it reminded me of a pair of gold glitter 50's capri pants I got from the thrift store when I was 14 and how they itched, oh how they itched. I imagined that suit having the same sensation. So I just couldn't shake the feeling of being very.... itchy. The stage resembled a fifties frat house, lion head, lava lamps, incense burning on stage, mudflap chicks on the amps, very kitschy so BBT's suit was well suited (ahaha see what I did there?).

Side note:
The kid who was playing lap guitar ruled the universe, great musician and some serious eye candy, it's always nice when the two are married in a holy hot union, yum!

The second set was pure rock and roll, sleeveless shirts, tight jeans, tattoos a showin' you know, Free Bird! Great set, great band, very tight and again BBT delivered as a front man. At the very front of the stage clustered right around BBT's mike was a sea of blonde women with knock off mini purses wearing hot pink halter tops they bought that afternoon at Forever21. They moved in a mass like sea grass it was hypnotic, their arms raised in love and adoration of BBT. BBT obliged said group of perxoided hotness by bestowing kisses upon selected women who almost swooned from the nicotine tinged love peck. This of course only angried the blood of the unpecked bleached betties and they started dirty dancing with any inanimate object they could latch onto to try and capture the attention and thus the affections of BBT. It was sight to see let me tell you, those amp's will never be the same. It must suck to be double star fucked, musician and actor, or maybe not it might be hot, he didn't seem to be complainin'.

I spent the majority of the evening drinking Bay Breezes (my new concert drink) enjoying the music with P and taking an inordinate amount of pics:
(I suggest the slideshow for commentary)

After the show was over, they started hustling people out as quickly as they could. There apparently was a select group of people who had "special" access and got to stay later for an autograph session with BBT. We had none of the said special access so I grabbed P and we went to the bathroom and hung out for awhile, returned to a far off table finished our drinks and had a great convo so as to keep the Slims crew from approaching us. Eventually the band members came out and P and I approached a few of them and thanked them for the great show. Then off in the distance like a shimmering oasis was the "booth" there was BBT signing his CD's (which I bought for P and I). We waited our turn in line and eventually reached BBT, P got her CD signed and BBT said "Hey we saw you guys up front all night", P was tickled pink, no need for amp gyration, just enjoy yourself and you shall be seen. BBT complimented me on my ink and my mouth???? WTF, Montcurve says he was throwing a wide net, I suspect he is right. Anyhow, I ask if I can get a pic of P and BBT and his fellow musician and they all oblige. Off P and I go into the night and back to our homes. I think I ate some cheese, mixed myself a Gorn and went to bed without brushing my teeth. There is more stuff, but it's hella funny and I am holding it back for parties, so ask me the next time you see me.
Current Mood: cheerful

4th September 2007

2:37pm: Brian Jonestown Massacre

Yeah I saw them last night at Independent in SF. Ok to be honest I don't know much about the band aside from the documentary Dig!. I have heard some of their music and I like it so I went. Now I must be honest, I really went because I wanted to see Anton freak out, what can I say I have a thing for volatile guys.

Did I mention I was alone? My concert date literally went MIA so I gave her ticket away. I make my way inside the club and to calm my nerves and the lack of chatting company I decided to get a drink. I asked the bartendress (very very cute bartendress) to make me a foofy girl drink with vodka and she obliged by making me a bay breeze. That's vodka, cranberry and pineapple juice BTW. The bands (both the opening and BJM) were 3 hours late and during my time waiting I observed a varied mix of hipsters, emo boys and their appropriately shaggy 80's girlfriends/drinking buddies and oddly a few peeps who looked like they were expecting Phish to play, go figure.

Side note:
I was standing right next to entrance to the backstage and as the opening act went on, a thin frail looking man emerged from backstage and stood next to me on the other side of the VIP rope area. White skinny leg jeans, black slip on leather shoes, no shirt, shaggy hair, big ol sideburns and a cap. he watches for a while and disappears. He emerges another time and put his hand on my shoulder as he moved past me to make a beeline for I assume the bar.

Back to the story, ok so Dimmer is the opening band. Loud, feebacky, long songs, very long songs. sort of a cross between Marillion and Sonic Youth, if you can imagine such a thing. I did and I just said it. They wrap up and the instrument change is underway. Eventually out comes the band and to my suprise, skinny guy in the white emo jeans is none other than Anton. Not the h@wtness you see in the above photo my friends, oh no, this is the old creepy uncle who still listends to Zep and is constantly asking you if wanna get high Anton. But hey volatility might redeem him, so I wait. I am not disappointed. about the 5th song in, someone in the audience has angered The Anton (to which he will now be known) and The Anton starts telling him he is a frat fucker who should go back and fuck his buddies, or be at home playing Sega Genesis or Second Life. Did I mention The Anton is drinking straight Vodka? He is my friends he is. The Anton is now fixated on hurling insults at Frat Boy and starts yelling something about how Frat Boys dreams all died with the dot bomb and he didn't have the sense to move away. This is getting interesting, yay for volatility, The Anton is looking cute again. There is some guy behind me who thinks The Anton is a right on righteous dude and I suspect if given the opportunity would have crawled his way on stage and sucked his cock for the entire show. BJM fans ar R-A-B-I-D, honestly it was bit creepy. Anyhow, as I was getting into the volatilitly of The Anton and starting to imagine all sorts of nasty things I could do with him I realized it was 1am. Ok honestly I am an old woman, this is a school night, I have to go home and get some sleep. So sadly I put on my diy kitty ear sweatshirt with the safety pins and turn to leave and as I walk away I hear The Anton scream, "this mike is fucked, someone better get me another one because I am not gonna play with this shit" Oh how I wanted to stay....
Current Mood: sad

22nd August 2007

1:41pm: I need to stop fucking around
So I have decided to actually sign up for a race: http://www.jpmorganchasecc.com/

I now have one month to get my ass in gear!
Current Mood: accomplished

19th August 2007

1:46pm: Maybe it was the vicodin and the mimosas
But I had dream last night that someone turned Brokeback Mountain into a trilogy and made two more movies going backwards in order(sequential prequals).

One was set in the Restoration period, with fancy powdered wigs and the other was set in acient Rome, with you know robes.

A love story that spans time.

Dude it was way fucked up!

7th August 2007

8:29pm: Time keeps on tickin...tickin...tickin...into the Future
Today I found myself saying something to the effect of "Honey I am old enough to be your mother". Now I am most assuredly not old enough to be this persons mother unless I was perhaps Jerry Lee Lewis' first cousin child bride baby mama, but this is besides the point. I actually don't know what the point is, I find myself mentioning my age quite a lot lately. I am not unhappy with my age, I am actually really enjoying being in a place in my life where the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of young adulthood have smoothed out a bit (I mean let's not get crazy, I am still a walking emotional rollercoaster). I ask myself why I feel I need to mention my age, one one hand, it's sort of a badge of honor, I mean for chrissakes I made it this far. But I know I also do it because it shocks people, it's a sneaky way to get compliments, like "oh my god, your 40, I thought you were 32". Then I bask in my youthful appearance to one and all, and I have to ask myself why would I do that if I am fine with my age? The whole situation makes me feel like an episode of Sex in the City, which I only watch on television when something on the scifi channel like the remake of Lost in Space with Joey from Friends and Gary Oldman is over and they start to run the credits and the music is some sort of techno frenzy and you freak out because your convinced that they switched the credits from some other movie because hell no does this music fit the ending of this film. Then I switch to a Sex in the City halfway through and am confused about what is happening but pretty sure I would be confused even if I had seen it from the beginning, but again that's not the point. Someone once said your only as old as your last plastic surgery, which would actually make me 3 weeks old, which is creepy because I like sex and am not into age play and well I think you know enough to draw your own conclusions about that statement. So again I don't know what the point is, but I do know I like being Forty, Forty One I am not so sure about.
Current Mood: contemplative

6th August 2007

11:45am: Saks Fifth Avenue can suck my cock (if I had one)
Until this morning I had a Saks card, that unfortunately has changed. I received a call at 8am informing me that I was late on a payment that, when I called the customer service line, had been, according to their records received. So I cancelled the Master Card side of the card. I then was asked if I wished to close the store account and I indicated I would and was transferred to the Saks side. I explained the situation and said I made a payment, I was upset with the call at 8am and no longer wanted the card. The customer service representative, and I use that term loosely, as a representative is in my understanding supposed to be an emissary of the company they work for, proceeded to turn to the snoot factor up to about a 10. Her response, "we see no payment, perhaps you should call your bank". I reiterated my desire to close the account and she said fine you will get a letter in a few days, click waaaa (that's the sound of her hanging up the phone on me BTW). So in closing, while I get that the systems may have not syched up, but as a result of your ultra crap customer service, it will be a cold day in Hades before I set foot in your store. I will spend the extra 10-15% per item at Needless Markup before I will toss a shilling in your company’s direction.

Oh and have a nice day (that BTW is customer service, or in this case, ex-customer service)
Current Mood: aggravated

29th July 2007

8:28pm: Busy Sunday
Ok not really I was lazy and walked around in my hello kitty boyshorts all day. I managed to make mexican chocolate cupcakes and mac'n'cheese for the game night dinner tomorrow.

The cupcakes were simply an altered betty crocker cake mix. I changed the 1.5 cups of water to 1 cup water 1/2 cup light sour cream, kept the three eggs and the oil measurement and added 1 cup of grated Ibarra chocolate to the mix. The cream cheese frosting was 1/2 cup butter softened, 8ounces of sour cream softened and 2 cups of sifted powdered sugar with 1 cup of the Dagoba aztec chocolate mixed together. I piped the frosting onto each cupcake and then added a light dusting of grated Ibarra and tiny pieces of cupcake leavings. MMMMM soo good (Chef Jeff, if your reading this Ptddingeuaxs has one for you).

You can see the whole process here:http://picasaweb.google.com/PiercedAngel/MexicanChocolateCupcakes

The Mac'n'Cheese is a basic white sauce with sauteed proscuitto and onions added to the flour and butter base along with some chili powder, cayenne pepper, crushed black pepper and paprika. I added cream and milk as well as 1 pound of mild cheddar cheese and 1/2 pound parmesan both grated. I boiled a mix of large and small elbow macaroni and rigatoni and threw it into the sauce. It is waiting to be baked tomorrow night with more parmesan on the top and served with ever so yummy tater tots.

You can see the whole process here:
Current Mood: chipper
4:12pm: Stuffed Flank steak with smashed potatoes
Sunday dinner posed a problem. I did not want to shop and the fridge was bare. Ok bare by my standards is a bit skewed I admit. I scrounged around and found a onion, a container of crumbled blue cheese, sliced mushrooms on deaths door and some frozen flank steak on the freezer. I pounded out the flank steak and drizzled lemon olive oil on it and set it aside. I sauteed the mushrooms, half a sliced onion and a clove of crushed garlic in some olive oil until slightly crispy and removed it from the pot and set aside to cool. When all cool I added the blue cheese and then sperad it out on the flank steak. I rolled up the flank steak and tied it with twine and cooked until internal temp was about 240. I cut up some red potatoes added some chopped rosemary, salt, pepper, chopped garlic and one lemon thinly sliced and rosted until a fork easily pierced the potatoes. I added 1 cup of red wine to the pan I sauteed the mushroom mixture in and boiled it down and added 1 cup of beef stock and reduced again. I smahed the potatoes and added 1/4 cup of light sour cream. Voila! Sunday dinner:

you can see the whole process here:

Current Mood: busy

13th July 2007

7:01pm: All Done!
New boobies screwed on and tummy and hips removed of their "dough" as my surgeon referred to it.

I am awake after my nap and now bored. Making dinner (corned beef and cabbage) and contemplating necklace designs. I hate laying in bed...unless... you kow...orgasms are involved.

12th July 2007

2:23pm: Jack

This my Jackalope "Jack" that I have placed in a lovely moss with ladybugs tableau under glass. He makes me happy and lives on my fireplace mantle.
Current Mood: bouncy

9th July 2007

3:36pm: More More More
Altered altoid tins I have been making:

My Reorganized sewing room:

Current Mood: creative
2:46pm: Busy Busy Busy
I felt the need, the need for speed. Ok not really speed but cooking and crafting and cleaning. After cleaning my stove in a spitspot frenzy (much to Dingo's dismay) I settled into making the kitchen messy again with:
Tomato basil tart with whole wheat parmesan crust
Extra spicy boneless pork ribs (the secret is Thai chili sauce added to the bbq sauce)
Baked rigatoni with homemade bolognese sauce
Banana pecan milk chocolate muffins
Baked apples in puff pastry

These things needed to be made, the food would spoil, at least that is how I rationalize the whole thing. The muffins were the best as I had 5 bananas ready to turn evil on me and I needed to do something. I made them with rice syrup and the chocolate I used was sweetened with beet sugar. So the muffins are relatively guilt free as they contain no refined sugar I need to get my notes from baking and I will write up a recipe for the muffins and post it as I made up the whole thing as I went along. Bonus: I taste tested them on the Dingo and my co-workers ad they were a hit, moist not too sweet!

Since you can't feast upon them in person, feast your eyes my friends:

Tomato Basil Tart:




Baked Apples:

Current Mood: chipper

12th June 2007

7:24pm: S.C.R.A.P.
If you have not been to this smorgasbord of recycled/reclaimed stuff you don't know what your missing.


Be ready to rifle through bins of stuff some of which might poke you and cause you to bleed, but it's all worth it! Trust me on this. Make sure you take some wetnaps to clean off your hands, some canvas bags to haul away your treasures and at least three spare hours. I did a whirlwind trip of 1 hour and came away with porcelain doll arms, a mesh headpiece base, maps, paper, cards, test tubes, calligraphy tips, metal findings, small glass jars, metal plates, glass photograph slides, small metal boxes, old photos, and some film innards all for the bargain basement price of $30. Some pieces are priced individually, some priced by the bag, so take some extra cash as they don't take credit cards.

Current Mood: jubilant
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